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13 April 2014

How i Cleared my Acne, one Zit at a Time! Plus Before & After photos

Isn't it sweet that after so many months, that'd would be 6 years of battling severe Acne, i am suddenly getting great compliments on my skin? Who would have thought! Now i get the "Oh you are so fine"   "Chai, God took his time to make you sha"   "You are the girl i have been searching for" - Na so. Thank you gbogboyin! LOL.
eva alordiah 3 (2)
Eva Alordiah
It would be really a waste of an experience for me to have gone through battling Acne and bad skin, finally getting through it and not be able to share it with you - Whoever you are, dealing with your acne issues one new product off the shelf at a time. I just want you to know, i have been there, done that, Look at me now! I may be clueless as to how severe your Acne is or isn't, but as you can see from my progress photos, i battled with really severe acne.
Goodness me, i literally could not step out of my house! I was home bound for weeks on end, forming "I'm an introvert, i don't go out much", when deep down inside i was in so much pain and stress, which obviously helped a few more zits pop out of every free corner of my face. No matter how hard i tried, i just couldn't get it off my face.
acne before after
Sorry for the not-so-clear before photos. We never get money buy iphone that year. hehehe
Bottle after bottle of toners and astringents, pills, dark bitter concoctions, soaps, creams of varying names and packet design, not to mention an ailing bank account that was deteriorating rapidly from my weekly experimental expenditures on the next big thing promising to clear my face. I bought every soap, every cream, every toner, the big brands, the small brands, the DIY Home made recipes, Chemical peels, the 'bury your head in a bowl of hot water, wrap a towel around your head and cook your face' therapy, 'First urine of the day as a toner' therapy, Facials and Facials and even more facials, all to no avail. It even seemed at some point that my face would get better and then all of a sudden get even worse again.
Plus It almost seems like every one you know suddenly becomes a skincare specialist when you have acne. You get the
"Ha, oma se ooooh! Who do you this kine strong tin na?"
"Why don't you try this and that product"
"You should drink your urine, it would cleanse the toxins from your system"
"Use the first instance of your next period as a toner, it has nutrients that will clear it."
I kid you not, i got all of these and more.  If you haven't gotten these kinds of attention before, then E be like your face never jam better pimples.  LOL. And in all this time of worrying about myself and locking myself indoors, what did i do about my Acne? That question should be more like "What didn't i do?"
Ok now lets get real. The bigger question now would probably be "How did i do it? How did i get my skin so clear of Acne?" Truth is you might even be asking these questions now, without asking How long it took. That's what happens with Acne, or any skin issue for that matter. We want it off now now. Unfortunately, the bad news is, It is not going to just up and leave your face like a visitor who came for lunch. As a matter of fact the more you worry about it, and disturb your face on and on about it, the more it lingers. So the first tip i am going to give you,'
1. Worry Less
As much as you are going to care for your skin with hopes of getting better, you also need not worry about it so much. I didn't notice any huge improvement on my face until i began to let it be.
2. Ditch the Astringents and Alcohol. Use an organic toner
This worked for me amazingly. As soon as i stopped the constant swirling of an alcohol infused cotton ball around my Acne eroded skin, i noticed a dramatic improvement with my skin. I haven't bought or used Acne clearing astringents in the past 3 years and i am the happier for it. Pure rose water should do you just fine.
What i use: A mix of Vitamin C serum in my Rose water. Vitamin C serum helps renew dead surface cells and fades dark spots left by Acne
Our skin has the unique ability to renew itself over time, replacing dead skin cells of the surface/epidermis. This is totally dependent on the activity of the epidermal stem cells. And you have the power to increase the efficiency of this process or cause a major decline, depending on what you apply topically and what you feed your body. Which brings me to food!
3. Change your diet. Or improve it.
foods for acne photoInstead of investing your hard earned money on drugs and skin care products over and over, how about adding fruits and vegetables to your diet.  The good news is that the foods that happen to be good for your skin are also good for your overall health. What i noticed was a huge change in the feel of my skin one particular week when i decided to increase my intake of Oranges and Citrus fruits. My skin felt smoother and seemed to glow, which was weird for me as i always had to wear foundation to get that before.
Vitamin E is also very vital for the overall health of your skin and since the human body cannot produce Vitamin E naturally it should essentially be consumed from external sources.
What you need: A diet rich in Antioxidants, this means More Vitamins, A, C and E and Omega -3:  oranges, grapefruit, papayas,carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, strawberries, kiwis, red and green peppers, tomatoes, vegetables, broccoli, mangoes, oranges, Brussels sprouts, Nuts, fish oil.
4. Water
Water should become your best friend if it isn't already. 8 glasses of water a day. I beg you to try this strictly for 1 week and see what difference you experience on your skin. It would help to flush toxins out and even do your kidneys and liver a favor. And when those babies are working smoothly, guess what happens on the surface? Your skin would literally smile! That's when you notice a glow that you didn't think was there before.
What i do: 1 glass + 2 limes or 1 lemon first thing in the morning and last thing before i go to bed. In between 6 other glasses of water.
5. Enough with the Scrubbing!!
Scrub your face morning, scrub again at night, wake up tomorrow and do it all over again like say i nor get work. Seriously, Stop. You are doing more harm than good by scrubbing and scrubbing ever so often. Your face needs time to heal, it needs time to renew itself. The more you scrub the more your pores stay open, increasing your risk of sunburns and more zits developing into spots held tightly together creating little communities and townships on your skin. I recommend a light touch exfoliation once a week and see how you can improve from there to twice a week.
What i do: I use Honey + Sugar or Sheabutter + Sugar for exfoliating my skin
6. Cleansing
You should always cleanse or wash your facial skin with a soft touch. All that gra-gra washing doesn't necessarily mean you are going to rinse off and have the acne falling to the floor. You are doing more harm than good to your skin.
What i use: The good ol' African black soap never seems to tire me. Whether you get your soap from Lagos or Ghana, if it is traditionally made, it becomes my best friend. I do a mix of Black soap, Honey and Lemon till it becomes a sort of washing liquid. No water. Your honey and Lemons would be just enough to liquify the soap. I love this stuff!
7. Sunscreen
Acne makes your skin even more susceptible to sun burns which it why it seems the spots get darker and darker no matter how hard you try. You should be wearing sun screen on a daily basis to prevent more damage. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 and higher.
8. Less Makeup
This is a no brainer really. You want to minimize your use of makeup as much as you can till your skin is in a better condition. Makeup clogs your pores and make it even difficult for your skin to breathe, let alone smile. Plus we both know you would be needing a hell lot of product to cover those zits up. So please bare for a while, do without it when you can. Your skin smiling days are only weeks ahead trust me. And if you do wear makeup, ensure to take it all off before going to bed.
9. It gets better with time!
This is so true, well depending on how early you stop worrying so much about your skin. I used to have 4 big zits appear on my forehead and chin as soon as the monthly came knocking. Infact i stopped checking my calendar and started telling it was time just by the acne popping out. Now, i don't even get them anymore. Not one pimple! My Mom says my body grew out of it, and my hormones balanced out with age and i would like to believe that.
However depending on genetics and other hormonal factors this would likely vary from person to person.
10. Believe
As queer as this sounds, it is probably the best tip i would be giving you. Just believing that your skin would clear up in no time is enough to calm your nerves, have the good vibes flowing, have your heart pumping nicely and reducing stress, and in all reflecting improvement on the surface. So be calm, sincerely believe that your skin is going to get better and begin to imagine all the beautiful pictures you'd soon be showing off of your Acne-less skin.
eva alordiah 2

eva alordiah 1
There you have it guys! I do hope this has helped you in some way. My skin isn't perfect yet, a couple of fading spots here and there but i can sha waka without Makeup now and not worry about people looking at me funny.  LOL.
For more on Skin care and Acne care tips Subscribe to, Follow on Twitter and Instagram @SkinMakeupHair and stay Happy!
Do you have an Acne story or Tip? Share it in the comments below, oh and share this post too, let the skin smiling go round!

24 February 2014

Who Do you think You Are?

I watch a lot of Forensics, too many favorite shows on the Crime channel, and too much of C.S.I - Now in all my many years of loving these shows, if there's one thing I have learned, it is the simple fact that we all have unique finger print patterns designated to each one of Us.
Now take a minute with me here and imagine those patterns, spiraling in the most unique design, working their paths down every curve of your hands, through every pore of your skin, en circling your hair follicles, penetrating the cracks and crevices of your skull and taking a final stop at your brain.
If this were really the case scientifically, then you should already know it would happen in an absolutely different manner for everyone else.
And as many as we are on earth, it is a proven fact that we all have these finger patterns/prints differently.

What am I trying to tell you?

In your perfection and imperfection my dear friend, you are absolutely different from everyone else.
And no, not different in a bad way - but in a perfect way, at least in the eyes of your Maker. You were Built, Designed, Created in the most special way and with Unique gifts and Personality traits different from every one else.
The question is 'How do you see yourself', 'Who do you Think you are' ?

It is amazing how we go through life from childhood, listening to parents, listening to teachers, listening to friends and peer groups but never stopping to listen to ourselves.
Your journey in life in your designated path doesn't exactly begin until you can tell yourself specifically who you are, why you are here and how you can accomplish that.

You feel a different kind of joy, peace in your heart and a huge awakening of the mind that even you cannot describe when you finally come to terms with who you are.
Success comes to only those who have a true sense of self, accept their unique capabilities, chisel and groom themselves well enough to take on the world and never stop at it.

So what are you going to do today?
Are you going to keep complaining at your job or are you going to ask yourself if this is really what you love to do? If it is indeed what you love to do, are you going to begin to accept it in your heart and do your job as a service to others and reap the benefits of that thereof?
If it isn't, would you have enough faith to get up and start over with what you really were put here on earth to do?

Who do You think You are?
How can you even be sure you are what you say you are?
Your body never lies to you. As energy beings, feelings and sensations are very important aspects of our communication with the universe. Your body knows. So begin by listening to yourself. How do you feel? How does your body respond to the actions you take? Are you Happy? Do you feel an unadulterated kind of joy when you do what you think you love?

If you are a writer, you would never write like anyone else- accept that. If you are a singer, you'd never be Michael Jackson no matter how you tried, accept that. If you are a Doctor or a Banker, you'd never be exactly like the best in your field, accept that.
You are you.
Here on earth to inspire others in a different kind of way, to serve in a different light.

Are you really going to leave your unique path only to hurdle your gifts and capabilities in the shadows of someone else who has found theirs?
Instead of doing that, take on your journey with a huge sense of faith of completion, improve upon your skills daily that you may be greater than you ever dreamed and do your very best work in the most excellent of ways. That in doing so, you become successful and the world can talk about you - and how unique and special you are.

You are special. Give the world what you have got - and do it in service, not grudgingly. This is the only way to be absolutely satisfied!


21 February 2014

WIN N69K and Much More in #Rap69 for "DEAF" by Eva

Here's the Plan.. I want you girls to Rap!! It is just that simple. There are too many guys rapping out here and it makes us look like we can't. I love to see girls rap and spit bars on the real, which was obviously where the concept for the Video "DEAF" stemmed from.

This is for all my female fans out there -Lets not call it a competition, ain't no one competing. This is us having fun, as girls! And in Having fun, you could WIN N69K and so much more!

Now this is what you have to do to Enter
-Download "DEAF" the instrumental (with hook) Find Lyrics HERE
-Make a Video of yourself rapping to any verse. You can video with any camera available to you, Rap anywhere you feel like, Your room, your hood, your toilet..LOL
-Upload to Youtube with the title tags : YourName Rap69 Deaf by Eva Alordiah
-Send an email with your Youtube Link to

The most fun, expressive, fashionable and well versed girl wins! The price?

  • -N69,000
  • -A 69 Jersey by Eva (featured in the 'DEAF' video)
  • -A total Makeover and Photoshoot with Eva
  • -A complete Makeup starter set from 'makeupByOrsela Lagos
  • -A Feature in Eva's next music video\

Sounds like fun? Entries close March 7th.
Now get your Rap swaggu on the move and lets get your own DEAF video rolling!
Oh shit! I can't wait to see your entries. Hashtag #Rap69 Follow on Twitter @evaalordiah and Instagram @ievaalordiah to know whats popping.

DEAF - Instrumental and Lyrics


DOWNLOAD DEAF (Instrumental with Hook) Mp3


Hold up don't tell me shit
Where were you when I started shit
When the pillow for the head was a pile of bricks
And I had no dough for the bread so I never ate
Hold up don't tell me shit
I don't care about your bag of tricks
Roll one while you suck on this

They say I gotta think about a restart
Get a choc boy pass that kit kat
But a bitch like me don't need that
My shit hot - Beleeee that
Why you gotta be on my biz everytime
I'm stressed 9 to 5 while you passing the time
Do what you do keep my ass on the line
I'd be over the moon cos my star's gotta shine
While you taking still shots of my dcups
I flip flop get props on my hiphop
I see them trya get low when the beef starts 
And time goes tick tock on my gshock
Please don't try to waste my time with your shit-
Don't try to tell me how to handle my biz
Got no patience for your long ass speech
Cos While u tryna land I'd be Over the seas


I don't care how you do your shit
I'm just saying
u sure don't do it like this
So What you saying?
I don't think that ya really know me 
Wan bi naa 
Do you know me
I'm the one like the 2 from 3
Now Please tell me what ya do for me
Hold on....
Mi - fun won leti
Mi- fun won leti

VS 2

You come thru with your hands tryna shake us
white tees gold chains and Adidas
Tell us all about your advance and your figures
And how you gat a couple more fans on your twitter
now you get to have an opinion
How I gotta do this gotta do that
You paint up this whole fact on a flow chart
Of how I'm the new kid and you're the cool cat
Why you all up in my biz all up in my biz
When u see me take a picture cheeze take a picture cheez
Tell me how you have a lotta things have a lotta things
That you wanna tell me
Nigga please ahnnnnn Nigga please
What you think I rap for to push a rav4
Come in thru the front just to take the back door
Ve had enough patience do u think I gat more
To get up on the score with my pedal to d floor

Repeat Hook.

10 February 2014

Meet the beautiful Hawt girls featured in DEAF the video!

To say I didn't expect all the positive reviews on the DEAF video so far, would be an understatement. I really didn't think it would turn out this good and I am ever so grateful to you guys for talking about it and sharing with friends. 
When my team and I sat down with Patrick Elis to discuss the video concept and  to decide the girls and the looks we needed, it wasn't far from what we ended up with. These 6 girls matched every look and all we had to do was make it come alive.

Click Here to Download "DEAF" mp3

I have had so many requests from you guys wanting to know who these girls are and what better way to introduce them than a blog post profiling each one. Here we go!

1. Jennifer a.k.a theLadyVhodka
(Twitter: @baby_Vhodka     Instagram: @theladyvhodka)

You surely know Jennifer. She was featured in Jesse Jagz Video for 'Redemption' and that was where I first caught sight of her. Her blonde hair, the way she caressed that spliff in her fingers, the way her eyes communicated a thousand sinful thoughts so effortlessly! Dammeet! I knew she just had to be in my Video.

And when we contacted her, the love was mutual! Wasn't I glad? Hehe

When she is not raping the cameras with her hot brown eyes, she's a Celebrity stylist working with your favorite celebrity or enjoying a hot day at the beach showing off her hot bod. Jennifer also helped style this video for DEAF with me, and I couldn't be more grateful!

2.  Laila a.k.a Ms Cadney

(Twitter: @LilMissFly  Instagram: @flymissgaga)

My sweet pumpkin of a friend Laila made a quickie appearance in DEAF. Y'all may have been to engrossed you probably missed this cool shot of her where hands left the wheels for a bit to show some cool swag. 

When Laila isn't helping her daft Eva friend drive a sweet Mercedes in a music video, she's working her artistic fingers creating amazing makeup looks as a Professional Makeup artist or being a Fashion model. Oh  and when she's not all of that, she is advocating for the Nigerian Society of Natural Hair or Die! NSNHD. Hahahaaha 

3. Stephney  a.k.a iLookLikeEva

(Twitter: @Stephanybass  Instagram: @stephneybass)

I first met Steph at my makeup school where she had presented herself at an audition to model for us. 
But as time passed she proved to be more than just a pretty face I could work my makeup brushes on and we became quite good friends! 
Photo after photo of us together and we began to get the 'Oh you two look alike' comments. And what better cool shot in the video than one with two "Evas" abi? Hehe!
So I dressed us up in matching denim dungarees outfits and same makeup. Donno if i nailed it sha... But...

When Stephany isn't rapping Eva lyrics, she is a writer, columnist and blogger at heart.

4. Cobby

(Twitter: @ruth_cobhamz    Instagram: @ruth_cobhamz)

My sweet Cobby!
Just one meeting at Gray Jon'z studio and I was hooked! I said to her 'Babes you are tooooooo fine, biko come model for my makeup company.' 
You know me and makeup, I'm always on the hunt for a hot face to paint. Hehe.

Turns out, we haven't shot the photos yet, but wasn't shooting a video so much better? 
It would interest you to know, I didn't even use foundation makeup and powders on her. Her skin is like velvet, soft, smooth, just perfect! Oh Cobby, why so fine? her ajebutter swag was a such a beautiful thing to have in this 


When Cobby isn't wearing beenies and forming 2pac, she's in the studio working her amazing voice on the mic as she prepares her singles and an album.
Yes ke! Cobby is a talented singer, an exceptional one at that. So get ready for that good-good Cobby music coming!

5.  Ify  
(Twitter: @Ifyokafor  Instagram: @ivatar)

Of all the girls I had the pleasure of working with for this video, Ify was the only one that got my heart beating as I painted her face.
I felt like the most lucky Makeup artist in the world!
Her nose, her eyes, the cheekbones, the skin - Oh dear! Such a work of art God carved on her. Beautiful girl.
And the tattoos on her? Yes please! We needed that look in this video and she was so nice to accept. 

When Ify isn't being a rapper in my Video, she is a full time model, TV host, aspiring DJ and freelance magazine columnist.

Missed her appearance in 'D'prince's new video 'Gentleman'? Watch it again!

6.  Wunmi  a.k.a Leefawkes a.k.a MadamDMadam a.k.a SheCarryFrontSheCarryBack

(Twitter: @leefawkes1  Instagram: @iamleefawkes1)

Aunty Wunmi!!! 

Haha! Everyone loves Wunmi. She may appear mighty on the outside, literally, but beneath all that sexy heap of human flesh, lies a warm soft-spoken young girl who has ambitions that reach beyond the clouds. 
She was such a pleasure to work with. We wanted fun looks for this video and her face was perfect for some colorful makeup. Her yellow themed makeup is probably my favorite look here.

When Ms. Wunmi isn't oppressing us with her package, she's hard at work in School and happy to be one of the most sought after Video models in Lagos.
Missed her in Ludu's video? Watch it again! She made that car look hotter!!

7. Eva  a.ka. Evalomo lati le

Oh boy! Me sef follow feature for the video na! hehehehe.
You already know everything about me so please follow me on Twitter  @EvaAlordiah   and Instagram  @ievaalordiah  Oshey fans!

Who's your Favorite girl? Let us know in Comments below!


There you have it guys, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that.... LOL!
Shout out to all these beautiful sweet girls, it was an absolute blessing to have them grace the video and kill it! Glad you guys like it, the positive reviews are a welcome relief. 

CLICK HERE to Download "DEAF" mp3


-Osa Seven for Live Mechanics, Lagos (Tshirts)
-IMAGINE boutique Ikeja, Lagos (accessories)
-Styling : Eva and theLadyVhodka
-Makeup: Eva for 'makeupByOrsela
-Artwork(The Deaf Monkey) : Julius Agbaje (@isketchcuteavis) of Platnorm 
Video directed by Patrick Elis

6 February 2014


I am so so so excited to finally let you watch this awesome Visuals for my New Single "DEAF".
It was Directed by Patrick Elis on location in Lagos, and i had the best hands to work on set with me.

Myself and my Manager came up with this idea for the video, and Patrick Elis thought it was such a great idea. Working with Patrick on set is always magical and a great learning process for me.
I find that i get these many pictures pop in my head and bringing them to life becomes paramount for me.

When we began to hand-pick the girls we wanted in the video, i could already tell how so different i wanted each one to be. From hair, Makeup, Styling, - everything had to be PERFECT!
I bet you already know, i got to do the Makeup all by myself, which i absolutely loved to do. Each girl was different with unique features and i wanted their individual personalities to shine through.

So hey, before i bore you with all these long history, Let me have you watch this Video below. Please let me know what you think and who your fav girl is!

Makeup -  Eva for 'makeupByOrsela Lagos
Costume & Styling - Eva and theLadyVhodka
IMAGINE Boutique Ikeja, Lagos

28 January 2014

Ladies! Here's My routine to Naturally Brighten underarms

I'm usually one to wear sleeveless shirts and spagetti or tank straps. For a long time, like a lot of young girls i know, i battled with darker underarms/armpits. Its like you go through puberty without exactly noticing how darker they have become until you are in your 20s and waiting for guys to toast you, forming fine geh. Next thing you know you have become conscious of raising your hands high in public for fear of showing off eye-sore underarms.

For most of us, maybe all- dark underarms result from a number of factors. 

If you store a lot of fat around your arms, you'd find that the dark area might even extend up and towards your shoulders. This is mainly because of heat accumulation resulting from too much weight from your arms.

The major factors which occur for most than some would be the frequent use of shaving sticks and chemical infused deodorants/anti-perspirants. Both of which might have become impossible to do without overtime. Now before i bore you with all this grammar, let me just point out how i have been able to brighten my underarms over time. 

They are not exactly perfect yet, but they are getting there. And when they do, i sure wont be too shy to show off a couple of pictures to inspire you. Now here's what i do - 

1.  Stop Using shaving sticks:  unfortunately if what you want is brighter underarms, you are going to have to do away with using shaving sticks. What happens when we shave is the hairs only get scraped off the surface of skin, leaving little stubbles here and there that could fold right back into the pose causing bumps and re-darkening of skin.

What i do : I use tweezers instead. As wack and painful as that sounds, yes i sit through 30mins to pluck hairs one after the other. When im not tweezing, i wax using Sugar wax. This method is known as sugaring' and you can do it yourself af home. 
If you can't do this especially on your own, then you might want to try waxing at the spa once in a while. Tweezing/waxing is so much better because you get rid of hairs straight right off the roots which would even extend the time it would take for a regrowth.

Although hair removal creams are a great quick alternative to tweezing/waxing, some of these creams also include chemicals that could cause darkening of the skin. However my next steps would make it possible for you to still use hair removal creams.

2.  Exfoliate :  I can't possibly stress enough how important exfoliating is for the whole process of brightening your underarms. Exfoliating generally is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes i just sit and scrub my whole body top to bottom.

When you exfoliate regularly you help your skin with cell turnover, making it easier to shed dead surface skin cells to reveal softer, newer skin over time. 

What i do :  Sugar!! My fav little inexpensive thing. Sugar is one of the best things to use for exfoliating. For my underarms i use a good quantity of honey and sugar. I scrub in consistent circular motions 3minutes on both sides. Then i leave that on for 5-10minutes before washing off with warm water.  

I exfoliate my underarms 3times every week.  
If you use hair removal creams instead of waxing, ensure to exfoliate lightly immediately after.

3. Lime, raw Potatoes and Aloe vera:  As much as 5times a week i apply a good quantity of lime juice or rub my underarms with a raw potato slice and let it rest for 20mins. Sometimes i use lime as a moisturiser on my underarms and leave it on overnight. On days when i am home the whole day  or for long hours i use lime on my underarms and let it sit till i am ready to go out. 

Lime and potatoes are good natural bleaching agents and they would help brighten your underarms in a short time with consistent use!
Choose one that is easily accesible or convinient for you or alternate between both.


These three tips above are also great for dark rough knees, hands and dark knuckles, feet and bikini/pubic areas. So you can do the exact same thing if you are trying to brighten the skin on your hands, feet and pubic regions.

4.  Opt for naturally made anti-perspirants and avoid spraying directly on your underarms. Hold sprays at least 6inches away from your underarms when you spray.

So there you have it ladies! I hope my routines help you achieve the results you need to to feel much more comfortable with your underarms. Consistence is key! 
Do let us know what you have tried or trying by sharing in the comments section below. 

Have fun, stay beautiful. 

24 January 2014

New Eva Music - DEAF prod. by Gray Jon'Z

Oh my! I absolutely enjoyed working on this song with Gray.

This is off my soon to be released E.P (ooOps! can't tell you the title just yet). My debut album follows shortly after this new EP and i can't describe how very excited i am.

Download and Listen to DEAF below, i sure hope you enjoy! I would really love to know what you think, what better way to do that than have you guys tell me directly! Please make comments below, abeg nor yab me oh! Ehen. LOL

Video for DEAF, Directed by Patrick Elis out in a bit! Yaaaayyy
Producer : Gray Jon'Z
Sound Mixed and Mastered by : Tintin
Artwork Design : Julius Agbaje (Plartnorm @ubiquitytown)

Please CLICK HERE to Download!

2 September 2013

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! On set my Video Shoot for #LightsOut

LOL. i have no idea what yaga means but that's my new word. Hehe. I thought it would be nice to share photos off my Video shoot set with you.

On this one, i sought help from Patrick Elis. I have always wanted to work with him on a couple of Videos and he really is such an amazing and very patient guy to work with. There was so much i wanted to achieve with this video and i hope to God that i got it all done.
Yes you are gonna see me dance for the first time in a Music video - I nor get nyash for twerking but i dey try. LOL
Many thanks to Patrick Elis and his crew for such dynamic yet less-stressful sets, to my very kind Manager for being so helpful throughout the shoot, to Ayobami Macaulay and Orbit Imagery for making sure we captured every moment by the pixel, to my Video boyfriend/Model 'Dresomes' who brought his killer eyes and body to light up my video, to my guy Bashir who knows how to do what he knows how to do best with a Video cam, and everyone else who in one way or another made this a successful shoot for me. Yaga!!!!


Eva, Drew

Eva, Drew(Model)

Me!! Rocking that Jaywalcar Tee
Bashir (Videographer)

Patrick Elis, Eva

Eva, Raphael (Choreographer)

I can't wait to see the final cut for the Video and i'm sure y'all can't either. But in the meantime, feed your eyes and imagine in your beautiful mind what my Video for #LightsOut would be like.

Haven't downloaded my new single #LightsOut? What are you waiting for?!! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

6 August 2013

Its Child Abuse, Not Child's Play (My Words, My Story)

.It is some months before August, the dates running all theway back into the calendars of the early 90s. In a few months from this day, she will turn 7 years old, maybe even have a big school party like her friend Aisha had weeks back. But today, while she's still 6 years old and counting.

He will satisfy the incessant needs of his groins. He will have her to himself and make her feel like he was right and she was wrong to refuse him. So he towers his tall lean frame above her, looking down on her as he intimidates her with his size.

She's scared, confused and lost all at the same time.

'This is Uncle Emeka,' she reminds her poor little head. 'Uncle'. Not by blood or family ties, no. But Uncle, cause he is friends with Dad and Mom.
He picks her up from the floor and props her on his chest, all the time saying,

"You know I'd buy you some more buiscuits when I come tomorrow eh? Did you like the ones I brought today?"
She nods. Barely knowing what else to do but nod in fear.Not too far off from the house just outside, she can hear her brothers playing in the yard. The maid is out on an errand and she is here by herself... With Uncle Emeka, who said he had come to see Mommy.

She feels his finger as they begin to find room big enough to fit,in the wells beyond the cotton lining of her baby panties.She yelps in pain.
He closes her mouth with his, swallowing her screams down his throat as he kisses her without shame, his finger still gliding in and out of her.

It is painful. It burns like hot coals of fire. She lets the tears roll. He tells her it is right.

"Am I not your best Uncle?" he asks with a smile that curves his bushy moustache into an awkward arch.
She nods.
She was only 6 years old. But this was to happen again three more times before her 7th birthday, each occurrence bringing with it several wraps of biscuits and candies. "Don't ever tell your Mommy," he'd say. "She'd beat you very hard. Do you want her to do that?"

It's many years ago. But I write this now and I tell you, that little girl was me.
Was. Because with time I overcame that. I found the strength to walk away from it and not feel like such a dirty, good-for-nothing girl as I felt everytime it happened.
For a couple of years after that, I asked myself several questions I was not to find answers to if I didn't seek help. So I did! And I let it all go.
But not until I made sure I didn't feel like such a whimp of a girl who couldn't defend herself.

And so I grew up into a tough, smug, tomboy of a girl. I hated boys, but I had them as best friends. My playmates were the biggest boys in the class. My toys were water-guns and toy soldiers. I wanted to be tough. I wanted to be able to defend myself.
I was involved in sports, and every other thing the little girls in my peer group thought was too dirty to do. I didn't care about dresses, and skirts. I hated them. So I wanted to be dressed like my brothers, and look like a boy.
For years I let myself believe -"If he was ever giving me anything, he wanted something in return." This was the logic with Uncle Emeka, wasn't it? Every time I got a present, or cookies and candies, it was because he wanted me to keep my mouth shut about everything, because he wanted me to be happy, because he wanted to come right back to prop me up on a wall and give me pain.

So I learned to get mine. I wanted to have what I needed on my own terms. I was never to ask for help from any boy, I was never to accept gifts, I didn't want anything if I couldn't get it myself.

I don't exactly come from one of the richest homes. I have parents who made sure we had what we needed, and on time. I watched my dad and mom put in work, from morning till nightime tirelessly just to make sure we were okay. It began to dawn on me very early in life, if I didn't start getting it myself now, I might never have the chance to when I am older and I might have to depend on taking from boys.

I didn't want that!

It reminded me too much of Uncle Emeka. It brought all the pain from the past right back with hot burning tears each time I thought of it.
I wanted to work. I wanted my own. I loved school, I excelled at school bringing my parents much needed joy for all their hard earned money.
But school wasn't to be over so soon. I had two more years to be done with secondary school and then to face another four after that for university.
I couldn't wait.

At age 13 I realised I loved to read and write, So I began to write... and write even more! My dad applauded my stories, said I'd make a great writer and tried to get me published. But that was tossed in the wind as I fell in love with Eminem and focused my writing on Rap music.
I took my first job as a photography model at age 15. It wasn't much of a job but it was a period in my life where I got to know much about business first hand. I didn't take anything for granted. I had the sharpest, piercing stare ready for any guy who dared look at me like he wanted something!

"I'm not here for rubbish, I don't have anything to give you, I don't want your 'gifts', I will get mine." I repeatedly told myself.

At age 16 I had auditioned for 2 movie roles and was successfully cast to act in them.
On my first day on set to shoot, the director told me he loved me and tried to touch my young tender breasts. Wasn't that the same thing 'Uncle Emeka' said many years ago?
I got up, fired him my 'I'd kill you if you ever try that shit with me" stare and walked away from location never to face my acting dreams again.

By the time I turned 18, I had taught myself makeup artistry. I had also learned how to sew clothes from watching my mom sew in the house late at night after a long day at work. I was at university to study Computer Science at the time and I was by now a full time business woman. There I was, investing my N20,000 pocket money on bend-down select clothes from Yaba to sell in school and making over 400% profits each time.

I was finally beginning to get mine.
It was "Work Eva, Work!"

I would hate to take you on a journey through a long post reading all about my experience to where I am now as a rapper/entertainer, so I will stop here.
Look at me. I have strived hard to get to where I am today. I did not happen overnight. I am hardly where I want to be, but God is ever faithful. I have done just about anything to make sure I never had to feel like a whimp. To never feel like I had to give myself up to get anything. To never feel like all I was good for was satisfying a man's needs down-south for a gift in return.

Now, I'd tell you - I never granted an interview to anyone with the aim of revealing the fact that I was molested as a child. There's no pride whatsoever in that. I was put in a tight situation, asked my opinion on "Child Not Bride" - and I apologise for not being able to control my emotions while I let my answers spiral out of my small mouth. We are talking about underaged girls being married off and having it right by law!

How do you think I feel about that having read my story now? This is rather too much of an emotional and delicate subject matter for me and I couldn't help but relate to these young girls. And so I did say in passing without making that my focus - "Hey! I can relate, I had bad things happen to me as a child and I was molested."

If you are going to find a punchline to draw attention to your blog, on a matter such as this, as a writer - how much effort would it have been to relay the emotions under which I said it in your post? Instead you chose to make me out to look like I was mouthing off and being proud about being molested as a young 6 year old child!
Is it just me or wasn't that pushing a little too hard for the negative attention?

I'm not asking that you care about me. I'm asking that you care about the situation, I'm asking that a woman be a woman for another woman. In an attempt to drive traffic to your site, do not portray my story for me like I was out to brag about it. In an attempt to "not care" and just be a gossip poster at least be a woman for another and not make my own story look like a cheap attempt at quotations for fame.
But who am I to talk here right?

I was molested! I had my 6 year old vagina prickled with fingers and nails that left sores for days! I felt like a total loser of a girl. I was traumatised for a long time.
There are probably thousands of children in Nigeria, molested everyday. By their teachers, house maids, uncles, aunties- even their own parents! This is a serious issue, not just for the family but the society at large. I have kept this to myself for many years and never expected I'd break down emotionally and let it out in passing to express my opinion on #ChildNotBride.

I almost died weeks ago in an auto crash. But I am here. Alive. I did not intend to put my sad story out like this, but it is here now and I refuse to run away from it. So while I am alive now and can use my story to hopefully inspire one person, I stand for every young girl who has gone through even a tiny bit of what I have.

Talk to somebody. Anybody. Don't keep it to yourself. Talk to your parents about it. Don't feel bad about yourself. You must remember that you are beautiful, very beautiful. You must see yourself in the purest of forms. Everyday.
To every parent out there, I implore you please, guard your beautiful children under your wings like the mother hen. You might not be able to do that 24/7 because you must go out to work and fend for them, but you must, I beg of you, be ready to ask and be there to listen.
I am here. You are there, reading this.
I don't know what you have been through, but I have talked to a great many people who were molested as kids. Boys. Girls.
So I do know that I am not here alone, and you aren't either. What I went through was disgusting, but it propelled me daily to where I am now.
I am not traumatized anymore. I did not let this consume me. I am asking you now not to let it consume you. We sometimes think everyone else is perfect until we hear their stories. I have no idea what yours is, but this is mine.

This is not something I'd ever wish on any child. It is not anything to be happy about. I was molested, I am not proud about it, I am proud that I rose above.

I apologise for making you read such a long post. I couldn't contain myself.